Kore News

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Kore News is delivered fresh once a week, taking an irreverent look at the world’s news. Walt Snider attempts to throw some meaningful content in every once in a while, but doesn’t let it get in the way of terrible jokes and great music you probably haven’t heard yet.
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Kore RPG – D&D Gameplay

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Kore RPG’s Myr Campaign is a collection of role playing game sessions, recorded and full of rude jokes and challenges at other players’ masculinity. We have a lot of fun and even if you aren’t into RPG’s, you’re sure to love it.
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Kore Dice (Formerly Kore RPG – The Show)

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Kore RPG’s The Show is Kore New Media’s take on what’s going on with role-playing games as we see them.

Kore Movies

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Kore Movies offers discussion on the future, present and past of cinema. We do our best to not give out spoilers! Be sure to tune in every episode as we may be surprised with a visit by Actress Rachel Galvin!
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Kore Philosophy

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Kore Philosophy is a podcast that takes on issues of yesterday, today and tomorrow. We tackle issues from the controversial to benign, offering listeners a point of view they may not have otherwise considered

This show may contain harsh language and other content that that can be offensive. Subscribe with caution if you are easily offended.

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Kore Groove

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Kore Groove is a music podcast that features great grooves you probably haven’t heard yet and unconventional artist interviews where the artists actually talk about what they like, not the typical canned crap you hear everywhere else.

A typical episode can feature a music compilation, a full album or a great interview you won’t want to miss.

Kore Commentary

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Kore Commentary is a movie commentary podcast. Many are familiar with director’s commentary tracks on DVD’s, but directors are sometimes limited in their cult fan information or movies done by other productions houses. In Kore Commentary, we point out inconsistencies, incorrect claims and fan cult items most may not have been aware of.
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Kore Flip

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Kore Flip is a video podcast featuring Walt Snider and Benjamin Adams flippin’ through funny pics, lolcats and fails from all over the ‘net. Parental advisory: Naughty words!
Kore Green

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Kore Green looks at green living today and how technology will help us tomorrow.
Shows Under Development

Kore Stories

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Kore Stories is a bunch of goofballs each speaking a line within a story, trying to establish plot, character development and story arcs. There are no episodes as of yet. No ETA has been established yet.
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Kore Technical

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Kore Technical is a spin-off from Kore Philosophy’s Computer Help segment. Kore Technical’s goal is to bridge the gap between a computer technician and the Average Joe on the street. There is a varied release schedule planned and may see light in January 2009.
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