Zac Ashmore

Born in 1984, Zac Ashmore grew up in Starkville, MS. He currently attends Mississippi State University and is majoring in Fine Art.

Mr. Ashmore currently works for Video Magic 1 as a technical advisor. His duties include media editing which eventually lead to podcasting. He offered to assist Mark Reed of The Groovecast in the audio engineering/editing department and ended up co-hosting the show for his trouble.

Zac serves as Art Director to Heroic Journey Publishing. As a fan of role playing games, he cut his teeth on Dungeons & Dragons but has grown into live action role playing (a.k.a. LARP) in World of Darkness games as a member of the Camarilla Club.

Zac Ashmore can be heard on Kore News, Kore RPG and Kore Philosophy.

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