Walt Snider

A product of the seventies, Walt Snider was born in Miami, FL and currently resides just outside of Fort Lauderdale with his beautiful wife, two children and kitties.

Walt picked up his first computer at the age of 19, weighing in with a massive eight gigabyte hard drive, 16 megabytes of RAM and a 75 megahertz Intel processor. His first flash drive was 8 megabytes and cost $400! Prior to that, he used a number of Commodores and a TI 99 4A.

Citing boredom, he’s had a number of occupations, such as restaurant manager, apprentice electrician, technical support supervisor, radio talk show host, automotive mechanic, carpenter and just about anything else, except a pimp, but he’s still young and has time. Currently, he’s a website designer and computer technician, as well as a business consultant offering several different services, based on his experience.

Walt attends college in the evening pursuing an education in database programming.

Walt was inspired by other podcasters and friends to start his own show. In 2007, Walt came up with a concept that he felt would offer something to the public. After a couple months, the concept for Kore Philosophy was born, borrowing from podcasts Fear the Boot and Geeks On. Other podcasters such as John Bell of Bell’s in the Batfry and Curt “The Camera Guy” Arndt of The Wandering Geek helped him get started.

The first episode of Kore Philosophy was recorded in August 2007 and released in November of the same year. By year’s end, he had 10 episodes from 2 different shows with about 20 listeners under his belt, In June of 2008, he’s hosting 5 different shows producing more than 70 episodes and exceeding 1,000 listeners.

Walt functions as the program director and production manager for Kore New Media.

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